About Us

Ay Papa Qué Rico is the home of the “fire-grilled chicken,” the signature Cuban flavored and cooked to perfection chicken that was developed by owner Chris Rodriguez. After knocking out The Crazy Chicken and many others with robust flavors that our customers all love, Ay Papa has taken center stage and works as a vessel for all things delicious: chicken, ribs, rice, beans, platano maduro, sandwiches, and many more.

Our menu spans Cuban and Central American influences. We source our poultry, pork and beef from producers who raise their animals humanely with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Our commitment is to bring you the best-quality ingredients and make them as tasty as possible.

Originally located in Van Nuys, California and now in Arleta and Sun Valley, California, Ay Papa Que Rico is a neighborhood restaurant that is well known in the community as a place that keeps you wanting more. A place that brings communities and families together.​Ay Papa Que Rico is a family owned and operated small business. Chris and three of his children strive for the best quality and the best customer service.